A Project Manager (or PM) is a person who is organized and possesses leadership skills that allow them to execute a detailed task (or “Project”) with a lot of moving parts smoothly, effectively, and without stress. They are able to see challenges in the project before others see them and are able to bring those issues up to the main stakeholders and mitigate any problems so the project is not negatively affected.

So… why do you need one?

1. Because a PM is only focusing one or two projects in your business. They are able to make sure all the moving parts are working towards the end goal of the project and ensure the project ends on time and on budget.

2. A PM is experienced in managing many moving parts at once while still working towards an end goal. Not everyone has this skill set, and that’s okay. It’s their job to ensure the project is moving as it should.

3. A PM is experienced at looking for Murphy’s Law. They’re constantly working to make sure that nothing goes wrong and that all potential problems are mitigated. That allows you the freedom to focus on your business

4. At the end of the day, a PM is working for your success. They’re goal is to make sure your project is successful allowing you to focus on growing your business

Is a PM absolutely necessary for you to be successful? No, do they help you move the needle and take steps towards making money and growing your company, 100%.

If you’re looking for a PM to work with, I’d love to set up a free consultation call to see if I can help you be more successful in your business.