About me

Rachel Ross

I thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Rachel. I live in the beautiful state of Colorado and have been here for over 10 years now. I’ve been building websites for over two decades. I vividly remember sitting in the family room at around 13 while my dad sat in the same room “monitoring” the internet usage and I built websites on GeoCities and Blogger.

A lot has changed since I was 13, I now work on WordPress.com and Wix.com and have added new skill sets to building and maintaining websites and blogs.

I incorporate Google Analytics, SEO, and Marketing Operations into websites and work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses via those tools.

A little more about me: I’m a boy mom, I have a 15 yr old and a 10 yr old and they are so much fun. These might be my favorite years so far. I absolutely love to read. I read everyday and always have at least one book going, more often than not two or three. I’m a skier and enjoy weekend trips with my boys throughout ski season, as well as taking a trip or two with the rest of my family. I’m a huge baseball fan (go SF Giants!), Hanson fan (yes, that Hanson), enjoy playing tennis and listening to podcasts.

If you’re familiar with the enneagram I’m a 3w2, which means I’m an achiever and helper and aligns perfectly to what I get to do in my everyday job.